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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are no fun for anyone. This messy business hardly ever happens during office hours – they tend to choose the most inconvenient times. Here, you will find yourself searching for a blocked drain plumber available for 24/7 call-out. Before you type “blocked drain Randburg”, give us a call. Our pro plumbing team knows their stuff and will sort out your blocked drain in a flash. We’ve seen it all, and no job is too big, too small, or too messy for us.

Blocked drains have a vast range of potential causes. When we arrive on the scene, we will assess the situation, determining the extent of the problem and the possible cause. Once we’ve narrowed things down, our pro blocked drain plumber will discuss the available options with you, our valued customer. Together, we will find the solution that suits your pocket and your schedule.

Before getting to work, we will present you with a fair, market-related quote. There will be no hidden costs – we don’t like pulling the wool over people’s eyes. You will know exactly what you’re paying for and why.

When you find yourself staring at a smelly, murky stream of water flowing across your lawn, you might wonder, where does this all come from? This is especially true if you live in a complex with interconnected drain systems. Here, if your downstream neighbour has plumbing problems, you have plumbing problems. It’s not fun or fair, but that’s the way these systems are set up.

By way of explanation, we’ve compiled a list of common causes for blocked drains.


When hair gets washed down the drain, it traps all sorts of nasties with it. These include grease and other types of sticky things that wash down the drain. When this happens, a significant ball forms that get stuck in your drain pipe. To prevent this, ensure that all drains have guards installed to catch hair and other things that could get washed down the drain. These should be cleaned regularly.


This one sounds odd, but it’s true. Traditionally, soap is made of grease and fat. When combined with the minerals in the water, these form a hard residue, called soap scum. This residue builds up inside pipes, much like cholesterol in your arteries. To prevent this type of build-up, switch to a soap formulation that uses less grease and fat. If you already have a soap scum build-up in your drain pipes, call a qualified plumber to help you out – that’s us. We will pressure clean your drain pipes to remove all soap scum residue.


Over time, the dirt washed down your drains build up and cause a blocked drain. To prevent this, shake all excess mud and grime off your clothes and shoes before washing them. Doing this will prolong the lifespan of your washing machine as well.


Food waste washing down your drain is a sure way to get a blocked drain. Avoid washing food waste down the drain, especially if it’s oily, or contains tea leaves or coffee grounds.

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