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Solar Geyser Installation

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Solar Geyser Installation

Solar geysers are an easy way to get off the grid. Even though solar geyser installation usually entails a considerable capital expenditure, the maintenance and running costs are virtually nothing. For solar geysers to work correctly, installation should be done by a qualified solar geyser plumber. Our pro team has years of experience in solar geyser installation and will do the job right, the first time.

If you find yourself searching “solar geyser Randburg” on your phone, don’t waste time phoning around. Call us, the best solar geyser plumber in Randburg. Our team will help you find the type, configuration and size solar geyser that best suits your needs – and your pocket.

If you already have a solar geyser installation and you’re experiencing some trouble with it, you can call us too. Our pro plumbers repair solar geysers in two ticks. To save you time and money on unnecessary call-outs, we’ve compiled a list of everyday things that go wrong with solar geysers. Some of these you can fix yourself, while others require the help of a qualified solar geyser plumber.

Water Not Hot Enough

Solar geysers require sufficient solar radiation (sunlight) to heat your water to the desired setpoint. If the weather plays along, you should have adequate hot water at the required setpoint. If you find that the water isn’t warm enough, even on sunny days, the heating panels may be positioned incorrectly. Here, a qualified solar geyser plumber can help. We will determine whether your solar geyser’s heating panel should be moved to a different position on the roof.

Panels not Working at Full Capacity

Solar geyser heating panels last up to 25 years. If they’re this old, they should be working at 80% of their maximum capacity. For water to reach the desired setpoint, the heating panel must function at minimum 80% of its full capacity.

If your panels are older than 25 years, consider having a qualified solar geyser plumber replace them.

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Panels Not Properly Attached to Roof

If solar panels aren’t installed correctly, they could come loose. It is good practice to check regularly that your solar geyser’s heating panels are still firmly attached to the roof. Luckily, refitting these heating panels is usually a quick and easy job.

Conductor Rod Malfunctioning

Some types of solar geysers use a conductor rod to heat the water. Over time, sediment can settle on this rod, or the rod could corrode. In both these cases, the rod won’t function properly, and thus the water temperature will not reach the required setpoint. Have a qualified solar geyser plumber take a look at this.


Leaks in solar geysers can have a range of causes. Most notably, the pressure relief valve could spring a leak. This is especially common in older geysers, or geysers of lower quality. It could also be due to the water temperature being too high over an extended time. Here, a steam build-up in the tank would increase the pressure, putting a strain on the pressure relief valve, thus damaging it.

Excessive pressure in the solar heating panel could also cause leaks, for the same reason as mentioned above.

Poorly installed or worn pipe fittings will eventually start leaking as well.

solar geyser installation

Quality Solar Geyser Installation

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