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Geyser Installation

Geyser installation is an essential investment in the quality of your home. Since electrical geysers generally account for the bulk of your electricity bill, it is essential to find the right unit that suits your needs perfectly. For help on this, call the most reliable geyser installation plumbers in Randburg. Don’t waste time searching “geyser installation Randburg” to compare quotes from questionable sources. Call us. We’ll sort out your geyser installation project in a flash.

Here are some tips to help you when you’re considering a new geyser installation:


Geysers vary widely in size and shape, but they all require sufficient space for proper installation. Most modern apartments don’t have ceiling space, or if they do, don’t have much of it. Space inside the bathroom (where geysers are often installed) is also usually limited. This space limitation may affect the geyser you choose. Our pro geyser installation plumber will help you with this – we’ve seen it all, and we know what works.

Installation Height

For your new geyser to work correctly, installation should be at least 1.8m from the ground. You should also take care to install it away from wet and damp areas, such as bathtubs and showers. The reason here is safety. Electrical appliances should never be installed near water since this creates the risk of electrical shock, which could be lethal.

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Sturdy Installation Surface

Whether your new geyser installation is on the wall or above the ceiling, the installation surface should be sound and sturdy. Geysers carry a large amount of water, which is a considerable weight. If the installation surface isn’t sturdy, you geyser may fall off the wall or through the ceiling. If this happens, you could face large-scale damage to your property and also injury to your person.

Solid walls are the best option for geyser installation. Here, our pro plumber will fix an installation plate to holes drilled into the wall. If your property has hollow brick walls, it gets a bit messier. First, we will hollow out a portion of the wall, and then fill it with concrete. Once the concrete sets, we will drill holes into it and affix the installation plate. Finally, we install the geyser onto the installation plate.

Electricity Supply

Electrical geysers require an electricity supply. This supply line must be reliable and safe – preferably checked by a qualified electrician. If the electricity supply isn’t safe and secure, you face the risk of electrical shock or your geyser unit malfunctioning. Both of these are serious safety risks and could also result in damage to your property. 

As you can see, geyser installation can be complicated and tricky. That’s why we recommend getting a qualified geyser installation plumber to do the job. If you want your new geyser installation done right, get the pros on your team – that’s us. We offer professional service of the highest quality. Our experienced geyser installation plumber knows what he’s doing. He will do the job right the first time – no comeback, guaranteed.

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